Need a last minute Halloween costume? Try this Day of Dead look:

DIY sugar skull facepaint

Day of the Dead Face Paint tips



  1. Inspiration images: To find a variety of inspiration, try googling “Day of the Dead makeup.”
  2. Face paint: Buy a palette of Halloween face paint from your local drugstore. Make sure it contains enough white paint to cover your face!
  3. Foundation: Paint your entire face white, from the hairline to the jawline. Apply with a sponge and pat makeup on to get fuller coverage. Set white makeup with white powder.
  4. Accent color: Choose an accent color and use it to make large circles around the entire eye area (you will use this same color later to do detailing).
  5. Details: Use an eyeliner pencil to apply details to match your inspiration image, or get creative and add your own spooky touches! An eyeliner brush and liquid liner will help you get a finer line.
  6. Final look: Complete the look with a bright dash of color – try adding a flower to your hair!


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